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Canberra's Natural Women's Health Centre


Struggling to fall pregnant and looking for answers? Looking to increase your chances while undergoing IVF or other fertility treatment?


Morning sickness? Recurrent miscarriage? Breach baby? Natural induction? Birth preparation?

Period Pain

Period Pain reducing your potential? Tired of pain killers? Endometriosis and surgery have not worked? Try a different approach.


Night sweats and hot flushes got you hot under the collar? Poor sleep, uncomfortable, HRT not working or would prefer a natural approach? Ask me how.



Injured playing sport or in an accident? Poor posture, arthritis getting you down? Try a different approach to healing your pain. Timely treatment works best.


If you are in pain and feel like you have tried everything already, consider a different approach. Headaches, migraines, abdominal and body pain – osteo and rheumatoid arthritis.

Mental Health

Struggling with anxiety or depression? Looking for a way to assist and recover? Speak to me about how we can help.

Mens Health

Issue with the blokes plumbing? Erectile and urinary issues? Libido and prostate? Have you considered a natural approach to getting things back in working order?